Ariel hairdresser in Pardes Chana

This is an unsolicited recommendation/shout out for Ariel at 7 Rechov Charuvim in Pardes Chana. He's located next to the Gavriella and Reut Coffee shop. 

Ariel gave me a great haircut yesterday. His salon is happy, cheerful, and sort of shabby-chic. He has a very nice way about him and although he doesn't speak that much English, he totally got my rambling sort of comments about what I wanted for my haircut. Classic, but slightly edgy. His shampoos and conditioners also smell fantastic!

Follow it all up with a coconut cookie from Gavriella and Reut and you've got yourself a lovely salon experience :)

5Towns Yahoogroup
December 2015

The Organized Office: Paperworks

This is an unsolicited recommendation for Chaya Duchin of Paperworks. Paperworks provided my home and office with an amazingly easy and user-friendly system for locating documents and organizing tasks. Chaya's system takes the stress away from managing all the important details. The minimal cost of the service more than pays for itself. Contact details are as follows: Chaya Duchin. 050-416-3054, 02-999-4081, paperworkscd at

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August 2011

Ben's Farm Organic Vegetables

I'm happy to relay the (unsolicited) news that as of next week (May 2016)  בע"ה, the organic vegetables grown by Ben's Farm (Ben Rosenberg) , will have a Belz hechsher, thus a much higher level of kashrut regarding trumot and maasrot than previously.

My experience has been that Ben is both trustworthy and responsible in
wanting to please his customers. Of course you still have to check for
bugs but generally, I find the produce (picked in the morning of the
evening I receive it), to usually be beautiful and healthy (and
'healthier!). Although it does take time to wash and carefully check it,
the difference in quality is palpable IMO.

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May 2016

Events by Katy Untershatz

I have been getting floral arrangements from Katy Untershatz for Shavuos for years,
and I am never disappointed! Her work is professional, beautiful, and
reasonably priced. She also advises you how to keep the flowers alive and
thriving after Shavuos is over!​

​We recently used her for flowers at our daughter's wedding, and we were so
happy with the results.

She did not ask me to recommend her or write this email. I am doing so
because I was so pleased by her work. 

052-7165688 ​

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June 2016

Tzfat vacation rental

Fiddlers-Inn | B&B, Bed & Breakfast, Guest House in Tsfat Safed Zefat Zfat Tzfat
The tranquil setting and beautifully decorated apartments, tiled floors and wooden gallery and paneling,Newly renovated and decorated, Each fully furnished 2 room apartments have a bedroom and living room with kitchenette. Yet there is no lack of modern conveniences such as wireless internet, air co...


Graphic Design with Sivan Koller

I highly recommend Sivan Koller
- worked with her on a number of occasions and always found her work very creative, professional and pricing affordable.

July 2013

Israelis don't have to wait for the bus anymore!

For those with smartphones, there's a great app called Moovit
 which gives updated, real-time data on when your next bus is. For many
 bus lines you can also see on a map exactly where the bus is using the
 bus's on-board GPS..

 No more rushing to the bus stop and waiting 20 minutes for the bus!
 This app shows exactly when the next one will arrive.

July 2013

Graphic Design Rcommendation



I have used 
Rina Schwartz for many projects including

Newsletters, Brochures, Logos and Flyers. She is
incredibly professional and precise in her work.

She has constantly far exceeded my expectations and
really puts alot of effort and care into what she does.
Her prices are very affordable and I have been so
satisfied every time.

Graphics and design is never a simple matter, but
somehow she is able to understand my needs and
intent even better than I myself can express it.

Here is her contact info
Rina Schwartz 


RBS yahoogroup

In light of the situation in the south we wanted to make sure you are aware of the following resources:

· Pikud Haoref-Home Front Command Website: (correct link)

The organizations below provided emotional support for those in need. All have websites in English that can be helpful for olim to know about with contact info and emergency numbers. 

· NATAL has been working in emergency mode in order to provide our emotional support to those suffering from trauma and
anxiety, via our many activities including our toll-free 24/7 Hotline 1-800-363-363;

· Israel Center for Psychotrauma 

Homes from all over the country are being opened to residents of the south. If wish to be hosted for Shabbat or possibly longer, please email me your information and we will try to help you organize accommodations. 

If you wish to OFFER accommodations for people from the south, please fill out your information here: 

Please know that Nefesh B'Nefesh staff is here to support you at 02-659-5800 (24 hr emergency hotline: 054-7341459).

Laura Ben-David
Social Media Coordinator
Nefesh B'Nefesh

One of the best plumbers in 5 Towns...

 I have had the pleasure to retain for my leaks and plumbing emergencies is Golan Bareket, who services the kfar saba, raanana, hodhasharon, herzliya, nof yam, shefayim areas. 

He was thoroughly professional, very polite, and wasted no time getting to the root of my problems - and solving them. he's available anytime, day or night, and is very reasonable with his pricing. 

He can be contacted at: 054-985-0749 or 054-775-6107 for quotes / estimates or advice. 

Glen Shear

May 2012

Meat & more-delivery to your door

Now in English!

Good quality, delivers throughout the center
(Jlem, Gush, Beit Shemesh, Modiin, Ranana).


israelfood yahoogroup
August 2011

Talented and skilled sheitel macher in RBS

Chomi Gross is a very talented and skilled sheitel macher.
She colors, styles, cuts etc.
She just did two very old sheitels for me and made them look
like new. She is creative and fast as well.

She can be reached at 0543321093.

July 2011

A great community: Ramat Yishai

Considering a move (or aliyah) to the North?
Looking for a Dati Leumi Community?
Still want to be close enough to both the Markaz and Haifa to commute?
Join us in Ramat Yishai.

Our vision for this Dati Leumi Community includes:
 Friday night Carlebach Minyan
 Shabbat morning youth davening
 Shabbat afternoon rotating youth activities
 Holiday programs
 Meals to welcome new families
 Simcha / Shiva meals
 Shiurim
 Community Bulletin Board & E-mail list
 What can you add?

Founded in 1925, Ramat Yishai is currently home to approx. 6,600 people. Only minutes from Kvish 6, where Rt. 77 meets Rt. 75 (Tzomet Yishai)

For more information contact:
Michael or Este:054-4542631, 054-4541878r

July 2011

We love our (Jerusaelm) vet!

We love our vet! We have been taking cats and dogs to him for 7 years.

His name is Dr. Zichron Hasson and his office is at Hizkiyahu HaMelech

#3, in the German Colony. There is usually easy nearby parking.

Phone # Office: 566-1471

cell phone: 052-2600-264

He speaks English very well. Besides being a conscientious

veterinarian, he also uses alternative therapies when they help. He is

also a mentch. His charges are lower than other vets I had tried when

we moved to a far away neighborhood. So we keep going to him for all

these reasons.



June 2011

Massage Lady in Beer Sheva

For the person who was looking for a massage lady,
I recommend Mira Prestberg.

She works at Kupat Holim Clalit and also has a
private clinic at home.
Telephone number: 052-8865330.


Excellent Swimming Lessons Beer Sheva

Hi, there is a private pool owned by Shalom and
Carmela Cohen. They are both experienced swimming

They accept children who are going into first grade,
and up. About 8 kids per class. Carmela also teaches
groups of orthodox women Excellent. My granddaughter
learned with them.

Tel 6496421 or 054 5798847.
They can speak English.
They live near Mercaz HaNegev.


Recommend Private Dr. In BeerSheva

Dr. Debby Davis's clinic accepts non-Israeli patients.
She, and her colleague, Dr. Sharon, are fluent
English speakers.

7 Bialik Street: 08-6235337 or 6235610.


Good Travel Agent in BeerSheva

Travel agent is Jackie Gross at Ayala Tours.
136 Hachalutz in Beer Sheva.
Office phone is 08 625 1450.
Cell phone is 054 460 7609



CALL: 0527-682262

Beit Shemesh

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