Anglos love Angelos (Dairy)

Every time I step foot in ANGELO'S I think for a moment that I must be in New York. Not because I am reminded of the charm of a cozy cafe in Little Italy (which it certainly has), but because of the presence of an extended family or two certainly hailing from Long Island or Lawrence, Passaic or Monsey, out together on the town at a rare find: a restaurant that has something appealing for the whole mishpacha. Indeed, Angelo's is an Italian eatery with a mom and pop feel, taking pride in the dishes they serve.

Antipasto and soup are on the menu, but I save space for the perfectly cooked pastas with a variety of sauces; and my favorite foccacia - thin and chewy, lightly topped with cheeses, herbs and vegetables.

When they are busy you might have to wait a while, and I have been seated at an unbussed table, so what else is new here? Once they catch up to you, service is usually prompt and pleasant.

Maybe I haven't yet found the perfect Chinese restaurant for my tastes in Israel, but Angelo's fills my need for a charming night out in Israel for dairy Italian.

(For meat, it's La Carossa!)

Main courses run 40-70NIS



9Horkanos St. (Horkanos runs parallel to Jaffa Road)

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  1. Excellent, reasonably priced. Homemade pasta, smallish portions, a really nice place to eat.


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