Magic Jack VOIP Review

We have MAGIC JACK. When we first started using it
about 9 months ago the sound quality varied from good
to awful. Then they sent us a message that they had
upgraded their system to improve the quality. Ever
since then the sound quality has been very good.



  1. It just won PC Magazine's Editor's Choice,2704,2250244,00.asp

  2. B"H

    Now that Israeli VOIP lines are working again, I recommend a Magic Jack --

    Buy it before you leave. It costs $20 for the whole year. It's a matchbox-size piece of equipment you can take with you wherever you go, plug it into any computer, anywhere, plug in a regular telephone, and then call anyone you like.

    Works like..... magic! Kind of amazing, really -- voice quality is perfect. (When your ISP has enough bandwidth, anyway)

  3. I share with you my experience with Magic Jack --
    I read and listened to the Magic Jack web site and decided to try it.

    I went to my local Colorado Radio Shack and bought the $40 connection which goes into a USB port and a phone. (In the USA now, I believe the first month is free and it is $20 a year for unlimited local and international telephone conversations.)

    I then went through the on line registration process. I got to the section regarding selection of a local telephone number. I was unable to get a local number in my Colorado community! My local friends and I “love each other dearly” (as the expression goes) and not that dearly to pay long distance to have a local chat!) :-)

    Magic Jack allows a first telephone number change for free. Afterwards it is $10 a change.

    I definitely say that Magic Jack has superior, immediate on line support.

    My support professional contacted the engineers who said that local phone numbers will not be available for my Colorado community and for Tiberias, where G-d willing I make Aliyah in March, until “before 1909”.

    Thus, I recommend that if you are considering Magic Jack, to ask their on line support before purchase regarding the availability of a local phone number if that indeed is an issue for you.

    And yes, I recollect the saying, “You get what you pay for!” I simply wanted to give it a honest try already!

    Best wishes,

  4. So, If my son takes our MagicJack with him then he travels to Israel, it will work???

    This would be great!

    Hag' Samach


  5. We've had MagicJack since our arrival in August, and are generally
    satisfied. The major downside is that there is practically no customer
    service, and I know people for whom that was very difficult when they
    encountered some initial problems, but luckily we haven't been faced with
    the need yet. The only time we've had any problems using our MagicJack line
    was when we were having some problems with our internet connection, and that
    would have been the case with any other VOIP. I know many people who have
    had MagicJack and been very happy with it, but then had it break on them
    after about a year. So basically, it's worth it to get it and use it until
    it breaks, as it saves you a lot of money, and after that decide either to
    upgrade to a VOIP that is likely to last longer, or reorder a MagicJack...
    It's true that it may only last a short time, but why not save some money in
    that time?

  6. Wait, can the us call Israel for free (i.e. landlines and cell phones) with this product or can you only call other people with magicjack telephones?

  7.  I have my MJ for 8 month i am very satisfied
    you can buy from ebay for $35 easy installation guide on screen
    i also using bezeqcom  $15 a month unlimmited to call all ground line in israel
    For MJ you need good computer and fast speed Internet.

  8. Yes. I've had Magic Jack and it costs $60 for 5 years of free calls to the USA. It's not perfect at all but it can't be beat price -wise and , when it acts up, you just remove it and re-plug it back in and it's fine- at least until the next time it acts up. But, it is so handy and so poartable that I think it's well worth it.
    Good luck.

  9. Can I call an Israeli CELL phone from the U.S. with the Magic Jack? (For Free)

  10. i resenty got a magic jack when i was in the US, i have no complaints about the prodact the only problem is that i get calls all night from tellimarketers, dose anyone know how to stop this?

  11. Anyone know of anywhere I can buy a (new) Magic Jack here in Israel? I'd appreciate a direct email, as I don't always check this blog. My email: Thanks.

  12. if i have a magicjack in brookyln new york and i want to call an israekl cell phone does he have to have magicjack too ?


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