Meat Cuts Explained-updated

Help to clear up a bit of the mystery of meat here:

#1 Entrecote, Steak Ayin, Vered Hatzela
steaks and roast beef, suitable for roasting and grilling.
U.S.-rib, rib eye, delmonico
U.K.- forerib.

#2 Rifaan, Tzlaot
suitable for slow-roasting, e.g. pot roast, goulash and braising.
U.S. and U.K.-chuck or blade

#3 Brust, Chazeh
the favorite cut for salt/corned beef
Cheap, lean and delicious after being roasted in a slow oven for a few hours
U.S and U.K -brisket or front poitrine.

#4 Katef, Katef Mercazi
pot roast and braising
U.S. and U.K.-rib or back rib, some say shoulder

#5 Tzli, Tzli Katef
pot roast, cooking in sauce, slow roasting
sliced for minute steak (blade)
have the butcher "devein" it for 2 beautiful pieces for your flank steak and London Broil recipes

#6 Falshe, Fillet Medumeh
braising, pot roast, cooking in sauce, slow roasting
Chuck Calachel

#7 Polo, Shrir Hazroa, Shrir
for goulash, soup, cholent; with a bone -osso bucco
Top rib

#8- Shoulder Calachel , Shrir Hazroa
for goulash, soup, cholent with a bone - osso bucco.

#9-Shpundra, Kashtit
cholent, goulash and soup; with a bone - assado and spare ribs
aka: short plate, flank, flanken (boneless)
(Short ribs that are cut across the rib bones are known as flanken)

#10 Tzavar
soup and grinding

#11 Sinta, Moten
Roast beef and steaks
suitable for roasting and grilling
from along the spine, around the waist
U.S. and U.K.-sirloin or porterhouse

#12 Fillet
Steaks and carpaccio
suitable for roasting and grilling

#13 Shaitel, Kanaf Haoketz
shnitzel, steak, skewering and oven roasting.
suitable for roasting and grilling.
U.S. -round, U.K. - rump

#14 Katchke, Ozit
Braising, goulash, pot roast and grinding.

#15 Chuck, Yarcha

#16 Kaf
Braising, steak, shnitzel and roast.

#17 Plada, Kislayim
Rolada, goulash and grinding

#18 Poli, Shrir Achori
goulash, soup and cholent

#19 Weisbraten, Rosh Yarcha

information gleaned from articles in Ynet and Jerusalem Post &


  1. Thanks sooo much for this post! We made aliyah this summer and had no idea about the number thing.
    One question: I used to buy neck bones in Chul for my cholent, and have not seen them here (RBSA). Do you know if I can order them? From where?
    Thanks again!

  2. Miriam, try calling Chofetz Chaim in Jerusalem (see their post under Butchers for the phone number). I know they deliver to RBS for the chaggim, maybe they also do regular deliveries, too. Please let Israel Easy know what you find out. Thanks for commenting.-Gila

  3. Very nice, thanks for posting that. Cut and paste this link into your browser to see a visual of meat cuts with the numbers:

  4. I like how ynet spells "cow" :-)

  5. I just updated the list-#8 is Shoulder Calchel. Now, does anyone know what calchel is???

  6. I have published a similar list of kosher and non kosher fish and seafood. Its a work in progress but here is the link. Grateful for any additions or corrections - Graham

  7. London Broil is a #5 deveined. Ask your butcher to do this. I tried to devein one myself and besides taking forever, my meat did not resemble a London Broil at all. But it tasted great!

  8. Brisket is Chazeh--breast. The best is first cut before there is a layer of fat. Ask the butcher for the spitz.

    Roastbeef--entrcote, same as steak but one big piece about 2kilos. Costs about 89sh a kilo. If you really want to be decedant, try prime rib on the bone.

    Brisket needs to cook slow, but roast beef should be sealed quickly. A 0ne kilo slab is cooked at 450 for a half hour, then let to sit in the cooling oven another hour. It will be medium rare. If you cook it longer, its just a waste of money.

  9. I can't thank you enough for this post!! Wow, I'm not the only one who couldn't figure this out!

  10. oh my gosh, thank you! I have been here just over a year and still considered buying meat akin to playing the lotto.

  11. does anyone know what skirt steak is called?

  12. what is # 17 like?

  13. thank you so much for posting this! don't let it go down!

  14. where can I buy "derms" to make boerewors?

  15. This might be pathetic, but I've lived here for 15 yrs and stopped eating meat regularly because of the frustration of hit and miss with buying the meat. I will use this list and make sure that all my kids grow to be carnivores as I was (and will be again!) Thank you! Thank you!

  16. Any idea what number a Brick Roast (a very popular kosher cut of meat in NY) would be?

  17. It sounds from this CHOW link that it is the #5:

  18. Regarding #2 Rifaan, Tzlaot: So these aren't actually ribs, as is the Hebrew translation?

    I bought this after reading the Hebrew and was very disappointed that it wasn't ribs.


  19. Thanks so much. After 20+ years here I still don't know what cut is what by the number.


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