Shalom, as the end of the year is around the corner it's a good time to get
the paperwork in for Arnona. If you have everything together you can fax it in and call after 2 weeks to make sure that they received it. The Arnona fax number is 02-629-6398, be patient it might be busy. The follow up number is 629-6000 or 629-6333.

They need to see:

1) main form -

2) Betuach Leumi power of attorney (that you don't receive money from them)

3) a letter from your school that you are a student and how you have
income, less then 2,000 shekels a month should be reported for maximum
discount and spouse does not work

4) a copy of your rental agreement or paperwork showing you own your

5) copies of the entire family's tudat zehuts or passports.


  1. Arnona: an annual tax on an apartment. Usually paid by the party living in the apartment.

    The amount of the tax is calculated by the apartment's size. Reductions are possible depending on:
    -family income
    -number of family members
    -oleh status (a first year discount urually applies as per

    Be sure to have ALL paperwork in order. IT PAYS>

  2. i think there is a mistake with your form links the first one takes you to the bituach leumi form and the second one goes nowhere


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