Butcher in Jerusalem

I like CHOFETZ CHAIM in Jerusalem for meat. They are on Aggrippas just off King George Street. There is a very helpful woman who speaks English. The owner, I am told will give out recipes if you are unsure. They have frozen fish and good hot dogs, deli meat smoked fish. I hear their rotisserie chicken is a treat, so I'll have to try that sometime. We really like the "Shnitzel Hodu."

They also have a nice assortment of American products: BBQ sauce, taco shells, Kedem grape juice.

Best of all, they deliver to many areas for 20 shekels if you buy a moderate amount. You can call and place an order, or shop there. To place an order: 623-2839


  1. Yankel on Ben Maimon off Keren Hayesod in Jerusalem sells excellent meat. His store is immaculately clean and organized. We ordered delicious London Broil from him last week. 02-566-6286

  2. Does anyone know where I can get Hackers Roulade Egel aside from at Hackers? With the matzev the way it is, ideally I'd like it delivered, we live in Mevasseret. Does Mitam Chafetz Chaim stock Hackers or are they in competition?


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