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One of the few things from chuz l'aretz that Allen has been missing is our favorite Sunday Chinese: Chai Peking in Atlanta, GA. A take out place situated in the Kroger shopping center, where owner Reuven Michoel Robbins serves up fat, fun filled eggroll, Hot & Sour Soup filled with all sorts of delicious unidentifiable veggies, meat and tofu chunks, and dozens and dozens of flavorful entrees in rich sauces with no MSG.

Think Israel can match that?

Since this land has so far exceeded our expectations in both ruchnius and gashmius, I think that Allen will find it. At least he will enjoy trying. Here's what we've found so far:

1. KORUSIN-This is the favorite of several of our friends, so we tried it one summer night. Seating is outside just off Ben Yehuda across from Rimon Cafe, so the people watching would be great, but there was a large party with many kids, so we chose to sit inside. The decor is dramatic and set the tone in an elegant way. Our watiress came right over and served us attentively all night. When the menu came, I immediately decided on sushi. I love it but always have a bit of trouble deciphering the rolls so I just ordered an assortment. I also ordered the corn soup. Allen and our daughter went for the meal for two at about 100NIS: egg roll, choice of soup, a meat dish and desert. They enjoyed the eggroll, a lighter and thinner version of the ones he is in search of. We are big soup fans and all of our soups were delicious. (Soon after the soup, I started to get the "MSGeebies," where my jaws get tight and a headache sets in. So beware.) The sushi came out well before their entrees (which took a while because the large party was getting served and served and served...). I have had better sushi. I probably should not have ordered it there, after all, Chinese is Chinese and Shushi is not. It was fresh and beautifully presented, it just did not have a lot of flavor. Allen enjoyed the generously sized meat entree ( I cannot remember the name of it-something spicy with vegetables) but it was not spicy enough for them and the sauce had a sweet undertone that took away from its intensity, in my opinion. Desert was fried banana, batter dipped banana chunks, also a generous portion with a maple syrup. Really yummy when they were hot!

All in all, it was above average, but not what Allen is looking for. It is clean, the dishes were presented nicely, it is priced reasonably and the service was very good overall. I still hear, whenever we ask for Chinese Restaurant reccomendations, that Koursin is their hands down favorite.

Korusin #4 Luncz Street 02-624-2042 Rabbanut Mehadrin

October 19, 2007 11:27 AM

Gila Davids said...


Yesterday was Allen's birthday and he has been wanting to see if Yossi Peking, which has been around for over a decade in various locations, could fulfill his quest.

It seemed heimeish enough, we arrived at 7:45 and there were several tables enjoying meals. Couples, yeshiva bochurs, and two young families with babies. Our watiress arrived right away with menus and place settings. We decided pretty quickly what we wanted: the ususal-Egg Roll, Hot & Sour Soup, Special Chicken and Schezuan Beef. Our daughter wanted to try the Sweet and Sour Chicken appetizer.

The eggroll looked more like a heavy spring roll but was good. What is it about spicy mustard here? They do not know what I am talking about when I try to order. I think we'll just have to bring zhug next time.

The soup was so good that our daughter ordered one for herself. Sweet and Sour chicken was interesting. Small chunks of chicken hidden in 2" diameter balls of fried dough decorated with some stir fried bell peppers.

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