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Got this from a friend:
To all my friends and relatives (from Josh Wittenberg),

I like to pass on good deals or news to people when I get it. Word of mouth is KEY to any service or sales business. 9 Years ago I discovered, through Aish Hatorah (the Yeshiva in Israel that I attended for 2 years) a fantastic travel agent for Israel. Calling around and checking services I could not find a travel agent that could beat his pricing. We are working on taking a trip to Israel with our kids soon. Ilai (the agent I am talking about) has now for the 3rd time been amazing. He constantly is covering the details that would be important to a traveler with kids. When we went to Israel 3 years ago we had an issue with our hotel. After a late night call to his personal phone he had us out of that hotel, with no cost, and into another in minutes. I have driven this man crazy with changes and details, and he is always very kind, helpful and gets the job done. I can't say enough good about him and what he has done for us now for many years when traveling in Israel. Below you will see his e-mail address. You might want to add it to your files. He has a phone number, but e-mail works best.

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