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  1. Yoni Kremer - Electrician

    I highly recommend Yoni Kremer.
    His service and honesty is excellent. He lives in Ma'aleh Adumim and works in both Ma'aleh Adumim and Jerusalem.
    His number is: 02-535-3361
    His website:

    Jacob Richman

  2. Documenting Parents with Video

    Last week I saw a Video (DVD) documenting the parents of a friend of mine. The video was made using excerpts from interviews (researched and conducted by Linda Mischel) of the elderly couple, interspersed with old photos and even some very old 8mm films of them as young parents. The quality of work was extremely professional and the material and interview were handled sensitively. I had never seen anything like this and I would recommend Linda to anyone with a parent or special relative for whom would like to have a permanent record for children and granchildren to come. Or, for that matter, to anyone who wants him or herself documented for future generations.

    Later, I also saw 2 videos (DVDs) she had made documenting vacations using the vacationer's camcorder recordings and photos taken on the vacation. She added indigenous music from the countries of the vacations as background, and also titled the different places that were filmed. Really turned 6 hours of boring vacation videos into memorable, fascinating stuff!

    I highly recommend contacting Linda Mischel: MEMORY VIDEOS – Documenting People and Events
    for documenting parents, special events or travelogues.
    She researches the subject, scans old pictures and converts videos and 8mm film into wonderful, memorable DVD's for posterity and future generations.
    (Can be contacted: 09-9575853)

    Carol Feldman

  3. We highly recommend Driving Instructor Eyal Ben Harush - in addition to being a thorough driving instructor, he understands customer service and has a nice car! Here's his contact information:
    Mobile 1: 050-6950086
    Mobile 2: 052-5533117
    Home: 02-9960322

    Read more about our experience here

  4. Hello, you have a very useful site. I would like to recommend an efficient electrician in Jerusalem. Yaron has a store on Palmach St. (in Katamon neighborhood). He speaks English OK, said he would arrive in an hour but arrived in 40 minutes (on Friday!). He knew what to do immediately after we told him that the circuits blow when we turned on the apartment water heater. He arrived prepared with parts from his van, and replaced the elements in our "dud shemesh" (solar heater) by climbing on the roof of the apartment building. It cost 300 NIS for about 25 minutes of work, pretty reasonable I guess. One thing: ask him to bring a receipt book if you want one, otherwise you may have to pick it up later from his shop. Contact:
    Yaron @ Palmach: 052 346 5686 or
    050 539 2670.

  5. Hi, this is a great site. Thanks for creating/ maintaining it!

    One thing that would be very helpful to me and others is having everyone identify the area they are making the recommendation for (Jerusalem, Raanana, Haifa, etc.) at the beginning of the message. As it is now sometimes there is no location given and we have to guess by the phone number.

    Once again, Thanks!

  6. This is such a great site. I totally agree with the above post. Please try to generate some guidelines such as Location, Languages spoken, contact details etc. It is so good to have the recommendations but sometimes hard to apply them. Thank you again just wish I found out about it before!

  7. i love the information from israel i have read an excellent source of information coming from israel too so keep it coming because i need all the information i can get since i am planning aliyah to israel in 2009 and will need to know more and details and news etc that helps alot i love this site

    L'shalom v'kol tov
    bobby harris

  8. Thanks for the chizuk and comments folks! We are now posting location whenever possible. (moderator)

  9. I desperately needed an apartment for my vacation in Israel. After seeing an ad for "Your man in Jerusalem" - I figured I would give it a try. Eliyahu promptly found me a great apartment in a great neighborhood for a great price. He took care of it all and even called me throughout my trip to make sure everything was running smoothly. I would highly recommend his service!

  10. Dr. Alexander King, at the Maccabi Clinic on
    Rehov Strauss in Jerusalem (Geulah) is a family doctor who cares for and about his patients in a completely professional manner that is also personal. Dr. King takes time to listen and is generous and thorough when it comes to specialist referrals and diagnostic procedures. He often will phone a patient to follow up once they are under the care of a specialist or if he has started a new or different form of treatment. Dr. King is accessible and has a strong professional network of medical colleagues to whom he refers his patients. For anyone with Maccabi as their chupat cholim, I could not recommend Dr. Alexander King more highly. He is a GREAT family physician.

    Ashirah Yosefah Dror, Jerusalem

  11. Comprehensive Grocery Store in Jerusalem

    Express Market on the corner of Malchei Yisrael and HaYeshivah Streets (address MY 12, downstairs) in Geula has many hard-to-find products, including grated parmesan cheese from the US, a full line of German and US unusual cleaning products, and a large range of other items. Prices are competitive and service is quick and American style--they bag for you. They are very into customer service. Call 02 537 0021 to find out if they have what you want.

    Brana Lobel


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