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People are hearing about the various community options in the city of Ariel -
and they're coming.

As a participating city in the Community Aliyah Program, Ariel
offers new olim special benefits in terms of housing, education,
employment and community life. With our close proximity to the
country's primary employment centers, as well as diverse local
employment options, Ariel is certainly a convenient location. The
homes, new and old, are very affordable. Perhaps even more
attractive are the views over the Shomron and much of the country,
the parks and greenery around the city (Ariel is termed "The Healthy
City") and the refreshing climate.

Most importantly is life in Ariel. It is an open city which welcomes
olim with open arms. Olim are invited to join any one of a number of
communities in the city. The religious communities are the fastest
growing. The communities have been developed around a variety of
themes, including furthering Jewish Unity (achdut), religious
revival, and strengthening the Jewish presence in the capitol of the
Shomron. The newest community, currently searching for an American-
style Rabbi to stand at its head, is an anglo-enclave with a focus
on integration within Israeli society.

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  1. The City of Ariel and it's Community Aliyah Program are proud to
    present the new, weekly, live, online broadcast - Ariel Aliyah
    Global Radio.

    Share your aliyah experiences, prepare for aliyah, help others
    prepare, and bridge the gap between life abroad and life in Israel.

    TO TUNE IN ONLINE: Click this link
    The show airs from 7pm-8pm Jerusalem time, Sunday evenings. First
    show: March 16, 2008.

    To call in to the show dial 03-90-60-160 during the course of the

    We, and our listeners look forward to hearing from you.

    For more information about the show click

  2. We have just moved there and its the next up-and-coming place to be. It's a
    predominantly secular city (18000 people), but has a fast growing,
    close-knit religious (dati-leumi) community.

    It has all the advantages of a city in terms of services (stores, government
    offices, etc) and yet is still small enough to be cozy and almost
    "yishuv-like". A well-kept city. Very close Gush Dan (20 minutes from Petah
    Tikva) with major highway link to kvish 6. Prices for buying a house
    are very decent (although rental is a bit high because of the large student
    population from the University center). The town council has recently
    started a "community aliyah" program which provides a lot of support for
    Anglo olim, in a drive to attract Anglos.

    There are 12 shuls (2 Ashkenazi) and one of the Shul Rabbis is English
    speaking (me!). In my opinion, a good place for your average South African
    where he can walk into (or drive to?) Shul on Friday night and feel at home
    without being a bona fide "dati" - not so common in Israel unfortunately.


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