Gershon Rosenblum

From RBS resident Elana:
I would like to recommend GERSHON ROSENBLUM. He is an excellent electrician and handyman. He has done several jobs for us around the house- efficiently and inexpensively.

His numbers are 054-654-4994 and


  1. I'd like to recommend Gershon Rosenblum as a wonderful handyman locally. He has
    done a lot of little things for us around the house lately and does an excellent
    job. He is quick, efficient, very friendly (my son loves him) and is at least
    50% cheaper than most other handymen.


  2. Gershon Rosenblum is an amazing handyman who is super duper nice and
    has really good prices. He only charges you for the time he is working
    for you (not the whole hour if he only came for 20 min), is very
    competent and is a real mensch!!!



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