What is Israel Easy?

Israel Easy is a user review blog for the community of English speakers in Israel. If you've received good service and value from any provider in Israel, please click here to add your comment. We now have over 800 referrals! It's the honest word-of-mouth resource for anyone in or coming to Israel.

New Business Website

Nefesh b'Nefesh, the organization that has changed the face of aliya, has a new website. www.nbnbusiness.co.il is a "win-win" for those of us trying to find English friendly providers of goods and services and the olim who need our patronage.

Log on to www.nbnbusiness.co.il where you will see an easily searchable database of professionals offering their services, often at a discount to olim.

The listings, however, are not rated. If you have a good experience with someone you've hired from www.nbnbusiness.co.il , please tell us all about it.

Together, we'll make Israel Easy!

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