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Yerachmiel Soltz of SOLTZ APPLIANCE REPAIR 054-521-4050.
He's terrific!

Washers, kitchen appliances and more.


  1. ue, 30 Jan 2007 01:11:18 -0500
    From: "Naomi A..."
    Subject: [BS/RBS list] Unsolicited Hakarat HaTov

    I have called Yerachmiel Soltz a few times now about different repairs -
    each time he has answered me honestly and saved me hassle and money -
    without having earned an agura (or even met me for that matter!) The last
    time was a biggie:

    My countertop gas burners are over 2 years old - no more warranty. They cost
    about 850 NIS when I bought them. One of them was not working. I called
    El-Ram (Bosch service) and they said it would be 200 NIS just for the
    service call. I called Yerachmiel to see if he would come for cheaper, and
    when I described the problem, he was very hesitant, and felt that the part
    itself would cost at least 200 NIS or up to even 300 or above. When I
    called ElRam - after much begging and pleading they gave me a price over the
    phone - 520 NIS for the part - plus the 200 for the service call!! (you do
    the math)

    As Hashgacha would have it, Mr. Kol-bo came cruising by that very afternoon.
    He fixed the burner - plus opened all the others and removed gook and rust
    from them all and made them all turn more smoothly - all for...... 80 NIS!

    Yerachmiel is honest and knowlegeable, and for those who've never
    encountered Mr. Kol Bo (he claims his first name is Kol Bo and his last is
    Tikunim!) - well, he can fix just about anything (although his Ivrit is a
    bit broken!) with a smile and the right price, and he'll drop it back off at
    your home afterwards. Plus the neighbourhood kids get to yell into his

    Have a great day.

  2. Yerachmiel Soltz was indispensable in helping us
    repair our U.S.-made washer and dryer.

    Professional, prompt and friendly -- highly recommended!

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