The Transformer Guy

YEHUDA MACHLEV, "The Transformer Guy," is a spry and interesting man. It's worth the visit to his "laboratory," more of a bare bones room, lined with shelves spilling with wiring, metal plates and electric cords, just to meet him. Neatly lined up near the front are his creations: transformers for every purpose. He'll ask you what you need to run and prescribe just the right one(s) for you. He stands behind his work, too. And if you're lucky, he'll regale you with his colorful life here since coming from Iraq many decades ago.

Mr. Machlev's office is in a blue warehouse type building at the end of Shatner in Givat Shaul. Go to the top floor and turn right. Always call first to see when he will be there.

7 Shatner
3rd floor


  1. Today I went to fix or replace a broken voltage transformer. As per a
    recommendation on the NBN list, I trekked to Jerusalem to find Yehuda
    Machlev. When I found him, he was eager to help, replaced my fuse with no
    questions and refused to charge me for the repair. He treated us kindly and
    gave my daughter a treat. He even speaks enough English to help you with
    whatever you need.

    Mr. Yehuda makes voltage transformers and fixes other electrical problems.
    His work holds a lifetime guarantee.

    He can be found at: Shatner 7, 3rd Floor, Jerusalem. 02-651-1567


  2. to second this comment - I'd like to say that
    Yehuda Machlev is way beyond customer service - he is a wonderful man,
    I came to him with a few of my electric problems,
    transformers included,
    only to discover that his specialty only transformers.
    However he not only recommended me couple of good electricians in the vicinity, he personally escorted me to them :)
    He helped me to explain them what I need and bargained for me (My Hebrew still needs more effort:)
    They took my orders, and Yehuda would even call them to speed up the work:)
    His part of work was done fast and with remarkable quality -
    I also bought a transformer from him which does look like it will work for over 30 years - that's what people say his transformers do :)
    Coming to his workplace is definitely much more than just a business transaction :)

  3. I met Yehuda Machlev today when I bought 4 transformers from him for our place. The man is one of a kind. He has been making transformers since he was 17, when he made aliyah from Baghdad in 1951. He knows his stuff, makes quality devices and it is a pleasure to be in his presence.


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