WiFi Hotspots in Jerusalem


Tal Bagels, Emek Refaim

Police Station, Sheik Jarrah

Dr Sound, Talpiyot

Bloomfield Science Museum

Rasto Cafe, Jerusalem Theater, 20 Marcus

All Malls

Shakespeare, Beitar 2

CoffeeShop, Emek Refaim and Shamai

Burger King-- 7 ben yehuda

Moshiko-- 10 ben yehuda-- 050-535-6861

Municpality Building 02-6296666, 02-6297777

Village Green-- 33 yaffo, 02-6253065

Mendis/mendy's(?)-- 14 ben yehuda, 02-6255257

Hamishpacha restaurant-- 12 solomon st., 02-623-6886

Yarden bookshop-- 42 yaffo, 02-625-4761

Net city-- 13 ben hillel, 02-623-0550 (9-10 only??)

Simiko-- 37 king george, 02-624-4223

Pinah B'shamai-- 8 shamai, 02-625-0267

Parpar-- 102 s'derot herzl, 02- 643-2810

Adom bar-- 31 yaffo, 02-624-6242

Olive-- 36 emek refaim, 02-5611102

Olive and Fish-- 2 jabotinksy, 02-5665020

Old City- in front of that makolet that's on your right side as you walk in to the center square..diagonally across from the Churva. Thing is, you have to buy something from them (even if it's tiny) and they'll type the password into your computer..they change it weekly.

All of Emek Refaim seems to be Wireless

All of the Center of Town, i.e. Ben Yehuda, Yafo... seems to be wireless

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