Amazing real estate lawyer: Debbie Rosen-Solow

We used (02-9916515), DEBBIE ROSEN-SOLOW a lawyer who
specializes exclusively in real estate law with offices based
in Ra'anana and Beit Shemesh when we bought our home in
Ra'anana. Debbie was amazing. Firstly, she was available to
us whenever we needed her(and that was many times very
late at night her time). She is a real expert in property law.
She guided us through the entire transaction and took care
of everything for us from a-z. We felt 100% confident that all
will go well (and it went greatly). More importantly, she ended
up saving us lots of money and put us in contact with other
great professionals who helped us too. Do not hesitate to
give her a call if you are buying a house- she is really nice and
will be glad to help you out.

Tali B.


  1. We have just used Debbie Rosen-Solow. She is very knowledgeable and professional and speaks English and Hebrew fluently. We were very pleased with the result. Her email address is

  2. We have just nearly completed the process to purchase an apartment and have been blessed to have Debbie Rosen-Solow represent us in the process. The label "professional" understates how Debbie has worked with us and handled the entire process. She has been organized, proactive, dedicated [she called us one motzi Shabbat at 9:30 despite having a husband and 4 children to contend with], and on top of everything. She is keenly aware of the complexities of buying real estate in Israel and, specializing only in that area, knows all the twists and turns the process can take and how best to negotiate them. Perhaps just as importantly she is wonderfully supportive to her clients and always there to answer the most silly of questions.

    We wholeheartedly recommend to those considering the purchase of property that they consider contacting Debbie. Our experiences with Israeli lawyers got off on a terrible foot but Debbie has more than made up for that experience.

    Debbie can be reached at 02 9916515 or

  3. We recently purchased an apt. and used the legal services of Debbie Rosen
    Solow. We were very impressed with her attention to detail and especially
    her patience and availability to answer all of our concerns and questions.
    She spent a lot of time on the contract and felt she gave it her full
    attention. She really took out the time to explain all the procedures and
    "ins and outs" of everything.

    We highly recommend her!


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