We have been to GRILL & WOK several times - it is our
family's newfavorite restaurant. There is something
for everyone, the food is alwaysgood, and the service
relatively quick (and while the kids wait, they can
watch the lampshades go round and round, making very
cool shadows on the wall. If you don't know what I'm
talking about, you really need to stop in

Tonight something unusual (I hope!) occurred, which is what
prompted me to post this recommendation: A family walked into
the restaurant with Happy Meals from McDonald's next door,
sat down at a table, and began to open the boxes. The owner
was busy behind the counter, and I went over to bring it
to his attention. He immediately stopped what he was doing
and approached the customers, telling them politely and firmly
that due to Kashrut considerations they could not bring the food
in. Even though he lost out on some sales (the parents,
apparently, were planning to eat at Grill and Wok,
while feeding McDonald's to their kids), the owner did not
even hesitate todo the right thing.

I strongly recommend supporting and patronizing this
establishment (and besides, you'll get a good meal!)

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