Kablan-Kobi Yaakov

We would like to highly recommend our kablan, KOBI YAAKOV, for any type
of building, shiputzim etc...

He is an artist and a perfectionist who comes up with amazing creative
ideas and gives his whole heart to your project.
He and his workers do amazing work, they are quick, clean and efficient.
He is very well known for the quality of his work. He added a room in
our house, changed all the floor tiles in the first floor, did amazing
geves work on the walls and ceiling to make things interesting and
unique and came up with great ideas for weird corners. he did all the
electrical work, changed all the windows. the soragim guy said this was
the first time he saw a perferct rectangle for a window and did not need
to maneuver the soragim into place. He is not cheap but his price quote
was lower than another kablan we contemplated on hiring.
He works with both Jews and non Jews as per your preference.

Hadas and Aaron

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  1. I wholeheartedly second this recommendation.


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