Rena Hollander: Real Estate Lawyer

We'd like to whole-heartedly recommend RENA HOLLANDER 02-991-9473 as an excellent real-estate lawyer. For us recent olim with zero experience ever buying a
house, Rena was amazing. She advocated strongly for us and didn't let the Israeli sellers (who were kind of aggressive) eat us up. She explained everything to us and was very considerate about meeting our needs, even driving my husband somewhere to get a signature we needed! She is meticulously honest and makes sure that everything is in perfect shape. Plus, she's just a really nice person :-)

It is such a pleasure working with wonderful people--just wanted to pass this information on!

Joel & Riva
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  1. We used the Rena Hollander for the purchase of our home and are quite pleased with the results.

  2. Hi everyone!
    I wanted to take a moment to recommend our lawyer, Rena Hollander, first for
    our "aliya" apartment which we rented, and later for our "on-paper"
    purchase. Rena reviewed each of the contracts, making sure terms for us
    were more than favorable. Her rates compare very favorably with others.

    Most important, in each case, when real issues came up, she's been available
    to resolve them. Her longstanding relationships with other major lawyers in
    the field also make the whole process easier - less need to argue, just a
    phone call to clarify and discuss.

    She speaks fluent English but grew up in Israel, so as an Anglo client you
    get the best of both worlds. Her office is in Bet Shemesh and she also
    deals with many properties in Jerusalem, and we did all of our initial
    dealings via email.

    Her office number: 991-9473

    Best Regards,


  3. I can not agree more. Rena has helped us buy and sell a home and has been amazing. A truly clear calm and solid performer. Nothing phases her and she gets the job done wonderfully. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a Real Estate Lawyer in Israel.

  4. Thank all 3 of you so much for your comments & referral of a reputable real estate attorney in Israel. I feel I can contact this lawyer with confidence--that I can trust in and feel secure.
    --a new renter / and new to this site


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