Sattler & Goldstien: Where Painless Dentistry is Routine

Dr. STEVE SATTLER (Melbourne) and Dr. GOLDSTIEN (London) have been serving the English speaking (and Aussie) public for 30 years. The service includes a full diagnostic dental evaluation, preventive dentistry, bonded fillings, crowns and implants. Gum diseases, esthetic solutions and special groups, such as the elderly are treated.

Painless dentistry is routine. Personal and caring support is the theme of the clinic. Fees are reasonable, and payment plans are available. From personal experience, I know that the treatments are excellent, painless and esthetic.


Mrs. Shlomit S.


  1. I have also gone to Dr. Goldstein, who repaired painful mistakes that another dentist made. Dr Goldstein is not only a good and gentle dentist, but he is also a "mentch".

  2. Phone
    02 6522 898



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