Dr. Moshe Lewitan recommended in BS

I recently went to DR. MOSHE LEWITAN for a treatment and I was again impressed by his honesty and professionalism.

Drs. Moshe and Chaim Lewitan: 14 Nachal Revivm, RBS"A.

Dr. Moshe: 02-995-2707
Dr. Chaim: 052-761-5359
(updated Jan 31,07)



  1. Thank You for your kind words.

    Please note that
    Drs. Moshe and Chaim Lewitan have moved their Dental Office to: 14 Nachal Revivm, RBS"A.

    Their new phone numbers are:
    Dr. Moshe: 02-995-2707
    Dr. Chaim: 052-761-5359

  2. B'SD

    Dr. Chaim Lewitan in Ramat Bet Shemesh is superb: cellphone 0527.615.359


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