Givat Ze'ev

I spent a lovely Sabbat in Givat Zev this summer. The family we visited has been there for 12 years and loves it. I can see why. It's views are spectacular, its climate very plesant even in the summer. The feel is urban San Francisco meets the hills of Virginia meets the warmth of a small town. It is easy to get to. Off Highway 443 it is connected to Jerusalem by Egged bus routes 171, 271 and 371 and to Tel-Aviv by Egged bus number 471.

from Tehillah:

Givat Zeev, as its emblem portrays, is the place where the sun stood still in Joshua's time and figured prominently throughout our history as a site of a biblical Levite city. Nebi Samuel (the supposed tomb of the prophet Samuel) falls within the regional council’s domain. Givat Ze’ev is situated on the ancient route, the ascent by Beit Horon, from the coast to Jerusalem. We are but 12 km from the center of town, 35 minutes from Ben Gurion Airport, and 45 minutes from Tel Aviv. In Givat Ze’ev you can live with the spirituality of Jerusalem, the pleasant climate of Harei Yehuda while being within easy access of Tel Aviv, coastal region and Modiin.

Givat Ze’ev’s mixed population is served by a swimming pool (with hours for separate use), fitness center, sports facilities, community center with auditorium, conservatory, basketball stadium, parks and playgrounds. The religious population (35%) live in harmony with the rest of the population and on Shabbat it is a restful atmosphere. In Givat Ze’ev one can live with one's roots and feel that one's family is growing towards its Jewish future.

Giv'at Ze'ev is the center of the Karlin-Stolin Hasidim and one of the town's most notable residents is the Stoliner Rebbe Boruch Yaakov Meir Shochet.

Population: 13,500
Future Population: 25,000 plus

Percentage of English-speakers: 15%
Percentage of religious: 35%

Education: It has six elementary schools and one junior high school. Pre-schools, Primary -- Mamlachti Dati; Torani; possible Beit Yaakov in 2004. Junior High and High school: automatic acceptance to Or Torah, Ramot for boys and girls.

Synagogues: 14+ including four Ashkenazi; one in each area of Givat Ze’ev (including Chabad), plus Bnei Akiva, Sephardi, Moroccan and Yemenite.

Rav: Rav Toledano

Youth Groups: Bnei Akiva

Health Services: Maccabi, Meuchedet and Clalit clinics, and a pharmacy;
GPs and pediatrician resident and specialist on regular basis

Contact: Yehuda and Shelley Dayag

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