Highly recommended upholsterer

In response to a post for good upholsterers one poster received
about 7 recommendations for the Nussbaums -CU CURTAIN &

02-533-7898 or 050-600994.

An add in Hamodia says they offer free in-home estimates
and "also cover central Israel" with their selection of over
7500 fabrics imported from the U.S.

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  1. We used CU Upholsterers Zvi & Yehudit Nussbaum in Tel Stone 02-533-7898.He backed up his satisfaction guaranteed policy. He has a huge selection of American fabrics, both in books he brings to your home and his showroom in Tel Stone. He probably has Israeli fabrics, although I am not sure. He
    made our 19 year old Castro convertibles feel and look like a new two piece couch. And when we did not agree on something, he made us happy. Very unique.
    I am very glad that we used him.
    Good luck.
    BS/RBS list


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