Moti & Yoni-honest & good car mechanics

This is a personal recommendation. We have used MOTI & YONI for years.
They are honest and I think good car mechanics. They can also pretty much
take care of all your car needs . tires, oil change, electric, a/c etc.

They are located in the Ezor Tasiya and their phone number is 991-8945.

Gabi H
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  1. It’s nice to be on the receiving end of good service. Recently our car battery
    died while parked in front of our house. Normally, this would have meant
    having the car towed to one of the local fix-it places, involving time (waiting
    for the tow-truck, etc.) and, possibly, money. Yet, when I called Motti and
    Yoni (in the industrial zone) they were willing to bring the battery out to the
    house and install it that same day, with no extra charge. The payment was
    handled nicely, as well, being made in “tashlumim”. Two thumbs up!

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