Tamar Rand makes a home beautiful

I worked with TAMAR RAND for a full house renovation project
that spanned a year.
Tamar came to the job with the right blend of education (a college
degree in interior architecture / design), and a natural artistic flair.
She worked with us to create a colorful, bright, warm and stylish
home environment. Tamar was involved in the design and d├ęcor of
every room of the house. Her work included the design of an amazing
kitchen, beautiful livingroom / diningroom area, bathroom design,
tile plans, bedroom design, closet design, lighting, moldings, window
treatments and the list goes on. Her attention to detail and supervision
of the ongoing work of the kablan made her a huge asset. Tamar's
skills and innovative ideas helped us create a home that with Hashem's
help my family will enjoy for many years.

She can be contacted at 054-723-2050 or TamarDesign@yahoo.com

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