Avraham Feder-helpful, punctual & reasonable

Our freezer was continually icing over and once broke down.
A repair person we called removed the ice and said we would
have to pay 1200 shekels for replacement of a part if it happened
again. We didn't trust him and instead called AVRAHAM FEDER.
He was helpful, punctual and best of all repaired the fridge in one
hour for a reasonable hourly fee. That was about one and a half
years ago and we have had no problems since.

Mr. Feder's number is 583-0787



  1. I've used him often in the past. He's great.

  2. I use Avraham all the time. He has repaired my dryer, my fridge, my oven and my air conditioner. Also, several times he has explained to me over the phone how to fix something myself rather than charging me for a visit! A true mensch!


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