Bank of Internet gives -and gets- credit

I have a Bank of Internet checking account, which I
use to withdraw US funds at Israeli atms. They have
been absolutely wonderful and I've used them for

The great thing about them is that they don't
charge international withdrawal fees, and go one step
further and give atm fee credits. When I use an atm
in Israel and withdraw funds, they credit my account
to the nearest $5.00.

For example, a few weeks ago I withdrew 1000 shekels.
On my account that worked out to $262.33, and my
account was automatically credited $2.33. There's a
maximum credit they'll give you per month, $6.00 for
the basic checking account.

As it's an internet bank, the way to deposit funds is
to send a check or do an ach/eft transfer from another
bank account.

See more info at:

I maintain a US address that I use with them; not sure
if they'll accept an overseas address.

Good Luck!


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