Broadfone Israel gets a thumbs up

We've had BROADFONE through Reuven Grossman since we made aliyah
about 18 months ago. We've used it at two different apartments with
different internet hookups, and never had any complaints. Very
reliable, very good customer service, etc...

877-223-2290 US Toll-Free
503-625-7795 US Direct
052-579-0958 Israel mobile



  1. I've found Broadfone to have very good quality and being that the
    customer service is here in Israel is a very big plus.
    I've found them to be very helpful and reliable

  2. Hi,

    when we made Aliyah we were unsure of what phone service to get and we
    decided on brodfone. We also are in Har Nof and we have had 100% success with the service from the easy hookup and great rates and also the phone line is always super clear. Weve had it since October and have had no problems at all. I would say to forsure go with them.

    Good luck!

  3. Without a doubt, Broadfone has been the best in quality and service. The
    quality of the connection is most consistent and full. It is very rare if
    the connection gets choppy. They also have a presence in Israel and will
    support users here. We (me and a few co workers of mine) ran into a
    connectivity issues with Bezeq. Broadfone steered us in the proper
    direction to resolve the issues with Bezeq quickly, even though these were
    not VoIP service issues. I am very impressed and pleased with them. Don't let the old school website fool you, the
    VoIP service is tops.

  4. I have been using Broadfone now for 4 years. It is worth every penny. I have the unlimited US/Israel plan for $29.99 and it is crystal clear. They even have tech support here in Israel.

    Call their US # 516-295-8800 and ask for Debbie. She was very helpful.

  5. I love being able to say good things about people and services so here goes.....
    While we were still in Toronto, I spoke to Reuven from Broadphone and explained to him that I needed to have a top notch connection at all times, as I use Internet and VoIP for work. I did not haggle about pricing or try to find a less expensive combination. I wanted 100% perfect telephone service and fast internet.
    I have Bezek phone and Internet with 012 - all pre-arranged through Rueven. I did have problems once with 5 MB and they dropped me to 4 MB. Also, this Saturday there was a problem that they resolved via thier servers.....otherwise, I have what I need. Telephone service to North America and reliable internet.
    I've seen many postings of people having various combinations of providers and I just waned to share that the setup that we have works well.
    Good Luck,


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