Don't delay-Peter paints and more

To all who want to revamp their home but are reticent to go
ahead because of high costs or fear of a long period of
nuisance and hardship.

This was my situation– for years I delayed revamping my
apartment because I feared the "shipoutsnik"; this until
I was recommended PETER, an old hand in "shipouts".

I phoned the man and he promptly came to assess what was
to be done. His quote was very reasonable (much less
than quoted by other "shipoutsniks") although the work was
quite comprehensive: painting of 5 large rooms, corridors,
ceilings, balconies ; bathroom and kitchen tiling, oil painting
of doors and windows, plumbing, electrical repairs and other
miscellaneous items.

Peter came on the set day and within five days, as promised,
the job was executed to my entire satisfaction. The apartment
was left clean and we were almost undisturbed by the work
going on at full speed. The price paid was exactly what we
agreed on.

If you want to revamp your house, paint it, do plumbing or
electrical works, tiling or other works of "shipouts" and be
sure that the job is done at a reasonable price in a professional
manner and in the speediest time, I warmly recommend you make
use of Peter's services and expertise.

He is easy to locate: you can phone him:
mobile no.052-3591535, no. 08-9716323
or drop him a line email:


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  1. Hi All,

    I would like to update my contact information and share with you the website I am now launching -

    New emails are - or

    and the website is

    I of course continue to do all types of shiputzim.


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