E-Trade-fee free too!

I use E-Trade bank.

I have confirmed that there is no fee on either end and
that the conversion
rate is just about yatzig.

I withdraw at a Poalim ATM (I think Leumi ATMs also
would be fee free)

I checked my rate online. I got 3.70 on a day when yatzig
rate was 3.70 The
money changer would have given me
3.63 minus the check cashing fee which
would work out
to 3.55 So the net result was an extra 150 shekels on a


P.S. You need a USA address for the E-trade bank account,
which BTW is
totally free, FDIC insured, and no minimum
and a free checkbook.


Also the E-Trade platinum visa is also a credit card that
does not charge a
foreign transaction fee.

Purchases post at BETTER rates than yatzig!!

I have both E-trade Visa and the Capital One card and they are similar in
this aspect.


But, Chase and Citibank credit cards DO charge an extra 2% for foreign

A Sokol

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  1. This is very true. I am in Singapore on an expatriate assignment and I
    have used my E-trade Visa Debit card for purchases and at the gas
    station without incurring any ATM transaction fees.
    In contrast my other bank International Bank of Commerce ( IBC) have
    been charging ATM fees and non US transaction fees. My response? I
    stop using card while I am overseas on business. Quality of service? E-
    trade bank always listens to me . IBC bank are not really interested.
    I use IBC bank now as my expense account for paying bills.

    I do not keep substantial money there. They even do not pay any
    interest. Refuse to take off the overdraft facility, they want me to
    go personally to one of their branches to do so.


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