Eliezer Rosenblum-caring & skillled chiropractor

I highly recommend Dr. ELIEZER ROSENBLUM-052-662-4658-
a very caring and skilled
chiropractor who fixed my aching back,
explaining every detail of
the treatment.

Thank you


  1. Dr. Rosenblum fixed my back problems, and also worked with me to come
    up with a plan to keep my back in better shape for the future -- so
    now I don't have to keep going back to him.


  2. I would personally like to reccommend my collegue, and all around nice guy Eliezer Rosenblum DC for chiropractic treatments. Whether you are suffering from pain, discomfort, or have rehab issues, Eliezer is the man. He has amazing knowledge along with a very light but precise touch, and I have had the pleasure of being treated by him on a number of occasions. He is my personal choice and has my utmost confidence. B"H. Thanks.


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