Har Nof Simcha Halls List

Emunah Hall
Mrs. Frieda Ansbacher 651-8196

Dati Leumi
Mr. Avraham Whiteman 651-9598

Devorah Ostroff 651-9207

Toldot Yitzchak
Eiluz 052-240-9057


Yechave Daat
Bruria 050-528-3772 Itzik 050-996-9677

Chaniche Hayeshivos (Brand)
R' Yeshaya Vinograd 651-8990

Ateret Nof
Johnny Moore 651-8046

Bnei Torah
Mr. Binyomin Cohen 651-9354

Dvar Yerushalayim
Beshulay Berman Catering 652-3015, 054-644-3366

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