Yehuda Rothstein: total peace of mind

I’d like to make a hearty recommendation for YEHUDA
(serving the
Beit Shemesh and Yerushalayim areas). Yehuda and his

right-hand-man Arieh, and their workers Eli and Yisroel,
recently solved for
us two very bad retivut problems in
our apartment that others had not been

able to even correctly diagnose.

Yehuda and his team were incredibly considerate while
they were with us—my
kids affectionately call them
“the guys” and delighted in watching them

work. They carefully cleaned up after themselves after
each day’s work, and
truly did their best to minimize
the difficulty for us.

I cannot emphasize enough what a difference it made to
us that Yehuda
Rothstein uses ALL JEWISH LABOR.
We were able to give the workers a key to
our house
without any qualms, and one day when we had to be out and the

Bezeq guy unexpectedly came early, the workers even
signed for our Bezeq
work for us! With the MeHaneshama
team we had total peace of mind. I also
confess that four
and a half years after making aliyah, it still gives me

the warm fuzzies to see my workmen taking a break for Mincha.

In sum, Yehuda Rothstein and his team were professional,
considerate, and pleasant. They handled all
aspects of the deconstruction,
rebuilding, plumbing, and
painting with aplomb. I would unhesitatingly
them for any sort of repairs, construction, painting, etc.

Yehuda can be reached at 991 0824 or 050 875 3538.

Kol tuv,

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  1. We had Yehudah Rothstein do some jobs around the house for us last week. He
    was efficient, reasonably priced and pleasant to work with. We would
    recommend him for all your building/decorating needs. He can be reached on
    991 0824 or on his mobile at 0508 753538.

    Aryeh and Lisa

  2. Yehuda and his men completed a drop ceiling job for us recently. They performed the job as promised in a very timely fashion (they both began and finished when they said they would!) and even did an excellent job cleaning up after they finished. The pricing was reasonable and both he and his
    men are amiable, courteous and responsive.

    2005 shemeshlist post

  3. Hi Gila,

    You might like my recent post about adjusting to aliyah, and I hope you will also consider adding my blog to the blogroll.

    Thank you!


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