So easy that I am ashamed...

We had the quickest, carefree service obtaining a loan
from the Bank of Jerusalem, Private Banking Branch.
It was so easy that I am ashamed to admit it took less
than 20 minutes plus faxing some forms.

Contact Shai Mashiah, Head of the Mortgages Department
at 972-2-6774742

Of greatest help was using Aryeh Rachlin as our lawyer to
administer the entire process while we were still in the States.
972-2-5630224 email



  1. We have a great attorney in Jerusalem, Aryeh Rachlin, 02-5630224, 28 Alfasi
    Street. We used him for purchasing our new apartment and for renting our
    apartment until the new one is built. He is a real mensch. He takes the
    time and no question is too stupid. He is an American who made aliyah about
    20 years ago so he speaks both languages fluently.

  2. I second the recommendation for Aryeh Rachlin. He is very cautious (for his clients behalf) and thorough. We used him for a purchase of a house and for a rental contract as well. He really is a mensch, and no question is too simple (even after you paid his bill!)


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