PC Integrity-recommended

Just wanted to recommend PC INTEGRITY - it got me out of a jam
recently and I am very grateful to the PC Integrity team for its hard
work and professionalism. One of its technicians - Rueven - was
extremely helpful and really knows his stuff. He was very patient and
handled my computer's problems in a smart and safe manner.


You can reach them by phone at 999-4415, or  057-668-8447


  1. These people are real "mentschen" and really do much more than is normally expected of a "for profit" business. I highly recommend them

  2. I have to tell listland how happy I am with PC Integrity. Having had
    experiences in the past when I have become overwhelmed by techno jargon and
    not really understanding what I am paying for and whether I should be paying
    it, I am very relieved to have finally found people who speak my language.

    They are extremely helpful, and really
    go to great lengths to keep their
    customers happy. They are also very s
    ervice-oriented, professional and
    curteous . Their prices are extremely
    fair and above all, they they're
    available - I have never had any
    problems reaching them on the phone.

    Thanks to PC Integrity for all of your
    time and patience with me!


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