Getting your drivers license in 7 "easy!" steps:

The steps are the same for either car or bike...

1) Get the tofes yarok (Green form), pay fee.

2) Get eye and doctor's exams, pay fee.

3) Go to Holon and get permission to exchange license. Take along
your old license, the tofes yarok, your teudat oleh and teudat zehut.
(Unfortunately I don't remember the schedule for the window where you
get the stamps you need. It's 2 days a week (Mon and Wed, maybe?) in
the morning only. The clerk there will tell you how many lessons you
need. I've had a bike license for 23 years and I was required to take
6 lessons, that mostly consisted of doing figure eights in the parking
lot to fill time. Only one car lesson was required. My wife had a
second because she was still nervous after the first.)

4) Find an instructor to give your lessons and sign off on your
ability to take the test. They'll schedule it for you, pay fee.

5) Take the test!

6) Wait for results.

7) Pay fee.

The whole deal from start to finish was under 2 weeks for me, doing
them one after the other, not concurrent.

I wish you success!



  1. I was told to bring a form showing the last 7 years or so of my driving history (i.e. no accidents etc.) from the Texas DMV. I remember giving it to them, though I can't remember why. I only had one driving lesson too (never actually went to have anyone tell me) and it was basically turn right, turn left, and park. The test itself was nothing as well.

    Make sure they know you're doing a הסבה (hasava) which means you are "converting" and old one to a new one.

  2. Hi,
    I am a veteran driver, but have an Israeli license only for 2 years. Now I want to make a "tustus" (bikes until 125cc) license. Normally, people only need 2-3 lessons for this, but the instructor told me I need 15 lessons, because I don't have an Israeli driving license for 3 years. Is this really true? 15 lessons on a tustus in a parking lot sounds absurd to me.


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