Michael Atar: honest, knowledgeable and competent car mechanic

To anyone looking for an honest, knowledgeable and competent car mechanic.

I had used a well-known service garage in Yerushalaim for quite a few years.
After moving here I didn't get around to finding someone local so I continued
going there....I had a difficult electrical problem with my car;

the problem appeared intermittently and so was difficult to isolate.
I was there about 4 different times, for 2 to 10 days each
(waiting for the problem to show up), and spent a chunk of money.

I realized that trips to JLM on this scale were wasteful and decided to look for
a good local resource. Received a recommendation for MICHAEL ATAR --
located next door to Yossi the Tireman in the industrial zone near Big Shopping
Center.He did not replace any parts. He spent 4 hours tracing the problem
systematically,and finally found a connector that had a couple of burned internal
contacts.He worked on the car for just 1 morning, and the problem hasn't come
back since(couple of months). He is also a Shomer Torah U'Mitzvot, and my
impression is that he is very direct and honest.

Warmly recommended.
Gottlieb Family
December 07

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