Pesach catering recommendations

The following
recommendations were received for caterers taking orders for Pesach
and close enough to serve the RBS area.

1. "Jerusalem Cuisine" - Hechsher of "OU(P) Israel l'mahedrin" - menu
has been uploaded to the RBS Yahoo Groups file sharing area at:
http://groups. group/RBS/ files/

2. Naomi Catering - Hechsher: "glatt badatz jerusalem & ou israel,
meat sheerit yisrael, fruit, veg and spices are badatz eda shmita
le'chumra." You can do your entire order online.

3. Dina Leah (Think Catering) (associated with Reishit Genesis Hall)
indicated that they'll be catering for Pesach, but I didn't get any
details. 999-8616 (office number)

4. The following email, quoted verbatim, mentions two further options
about which I have no details:
"We have ordered from Chafetz Chaim (kibbutz ) and it was good but
very "heimish". For a more fancy menu try mevushelet from mevo
choron, we ordered from them once, as well (although many years ago)
and it was good. both places deliver and the food is all packaged in
boxes that can go directly on the blech."

Chag kasher v'sameach.

Daniel & Amy

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  1. There is also Culinary Essentials. Great food and they deliver. They're Phone number is 057-317-1118 and email address is


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