ER Guidelines

There are specific rules governing when you get a refund from
a visit to the emergency room. According to what I could find,
these are the instances:

* Anybody sent to the ER with Form #17 who was then not hospitalised
* Anybody who was then hospitalized, regardless of whether or not
had Form #17

* Anybody who had a work accident, with the appropriate form from
the employer

* Anybody who was injured in a road accident, with the appropriate
form from the police

* Any school child who was injured during school or on a school trip,
with the appropriate form from the school

In addition to these, anybody going to the ER between 1 am and 6 am
because of one of the following will only pay the minimum charge to
cover the clerical work:

* A new fracture
* A severe dislocation of the shoulder or elbow
* A wound requiring stitches or gluing
* Inhalation of a foreign body into the airways
* Entry of a foreign body into the eye
* Treatment for cancer
* Treatment for hemophilia
* Treatment for cystic fibrosis (CF)
* A woman with labor pains
* Anybody who was taken to the ER by an MDA ambulance from a
public place after an accident

* A baby up to 2 months old with a temperature of over 38.5
* Dialysis patients

If your visit is not covered by any of the instances in
the rules, you will have to pay the full cost yourself.

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May 2008

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