Mitzpe Netofa: a wonderful yishuv

We made Aliya the summer of 2006, directly to Mitzpe Netofa. It is a wonderful yeshuv. Our children then, 15, 13, 112, and 6 were instantly accepted into the "Chevra". Yeshuv life is great for kids. They can walk or bike any where on the yeshuv. They live the independence they have. The schools here in the north are also caring and very happy to have Olim, however the services for Olim are not what you would have if you made Aliya to a community in the center.

However, Mitzpe Netofa is has a Olim program here on the Yeshuv.
There are
special housing options. There are Ulpan classes here on
the Yeshuv as well as a more serious one in Tzemach, about 25
minutes drive from the Yeshuv.
Olim program arranges for sometutoring and touring of Israel. The olim
committee is fantastic and were with us every step of the way, from registering for medical care, registering for schools, getting and Israelidriver's license and more.

The yeshuv is made up of Israelis and Olim from all over the world.
are a lot of shirum, chugim and community activities making
it easy to make
friend. There is work in education, computers,
engineering, medicine and
more. You do need at least one car here.
Most people have 2.

If you are interested, please contact Tzippy Openheimer, or by phone 04 678 2241.

May 2008

click here for: Tehilla on Mitzpe Netofa

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