Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is pretty good and helps especially in putting words
together and understanding sentences. My biggest problem is lack
of vocabulary and I have found a free download program that is the
best vocabulary builder I have found anywhere, and believe me, I
looked at or tried just about everything, including ulpan. The address
is You can download the
software for free and then the language lists. The one you pay for
really isn't that much more than the free one so free is good. The
one you pay for gives you a few extra word lists. With that and
Rosetta Stone you would have an excellent comprehensive program.

May 2008

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  1. our entire family has used rosetta stone and i personally have found it very helpful. my 13 yr old daughter does not find as helpful as her hebrew is more advanced and the best in the family. but it has helped my 9 yr old son and i alot. i would suggest that you use all the skills it offers you: the speaking part, the writing part, etc - not just the easy part of listening and clicking on the correct matching picture. you won't learn that way. the most difficult level is the speaking, followed by the writing. you must keep at it every day. for people our age it is tough to retain what one learns. but it was well worth the investment and i highly recommend it.


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