Here they call in "Corn Flour" ---- why, I have never figured out. But
that's what they call it and you can find it in the baby food section, and
also in the baking section, of all things.
Go figure.

May 2008

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  1. "Corn Starch" literally translates to the Hebrew "עמילן תירס" (pronounce: Amilan Tiras) but it is also called "קורנפלור" (pronounce: Cornflor).

    The reason being that Israel takes after the British legacy (makes sense, after years of British rule...), where the term "cornflour" is used to refer to the American cornstarch, while British "cornmeal" is used to refer to the American "corn flour".

    In Israel it can be found in all supermarkets and grocery stores, usually in the baking section (next to other flours and powders...).


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