Schlepper for Hire-4 recommendations

Results from an RBS informal poll June 2008

Schlepper for Hire (4 vote): 054-813-7888
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Yisroel is excellent. They are very trustworthy, REALLY nice, hardworking
guys, and they speak English which is a huge plus! They also really know
what they're doing when it comes to putting things together (like Etzmaleh
beds, aronot), which, having had a couple experiences with other movers who
did not know or remember how to assemble these things, this is a bigger deal
than you think. I have used them for large moves and small moves and have
always been extremely happy with them.
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Yisrael has 'golden hands' and did the disassembly/ reassembly of aronot.
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We used "Shlepper for Hire" moving service to move a fridge from one
location to another in Beit Shemesh. They arrived on time, and were
friendly and efficient. They speak both Hebrew and English. They charged
us precisely what he quoted over the phone -- no extra charges for this and
that. In fact, he said the legs of the fridge needed to be re-adjusted, and
did so at no extra charge. We recommend them without reservation.


  1. we ended up using SHLEPPERS FOR HIRE and they were really GREAT!!!! very efficient, no slacking, quick, nice guys; as it turns out one of them had worked with my husband. so at least i felt like i could trust them. something i think is important with movers. their #: 054 813 7888, its yisrael.
    good luck all.

    June 2008


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