Documenting Parents with Video

Last week I saw a Video (DVD) documenting the parents of a friend of mine.
The video was made using excerpts from interviews (researched and
conducted by Linda Mischel) of the elderly couple, interspersed with
old photos and even some very old 8mm films of them as young parents.
The quality of work was extremely professional and the material and
interview were handled sensitively. I had never seen anything like this
and I would recommend Linda to anyone with a parent or special relative
for whom would like to have a permanent record for children and grand-
children to come. Or, for that matter, to anyone who wants him or herself
documented for future generations.

Later, I also saw 2 videos (DVDs) she had made documenting vacations
using the vacationer's camcorder recordings and photos taken on the
vacation. She added indigenous music from the countries of the vacations
as background, and also titled the different places that were filmed. Really
turned 6 hours of boring vacation videos into memorable, fascinating stuff!

I highly recommend contacting Linda Mischel: MEMORY VIDEOS –
Documenting People and Events
for documenting parents, special events or travelogues.
She researches the subject, scans old pictures and converts videos and
8mm film into wonderful, memorable DVD's for posterity and future generations.
(Can be contacted: 09-9575853)

Carol Feldman
July 2008

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