Michoel Guttman: electrician, repairman, technician

Michoel Guttman fixed our a/c for us and we were very pleased with his
service and price. He is a licensed electrician/ appliance repairman/
a/c technician. We highly recommend him!


the Ashmans
RBS listserve
July 2008

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  1. We have used Michael Guttman to buy and install Hunter Ceiling Fans and
    Electra Air Conditioners in our apartment. He is very handy and has also done
    non electrical work for us. He is friendly and personable and will discuss any
    issue relating to electrical or household matters. He will give advise when
    asked and is available by phone or e-mail. He will order, buy and pick up
    the parts and appliances for you which is a big help for customers like us who
    are not proficient in the Hebrew language and do not drive in Israel. His
    prices are reasonable. He is fluent in Hebrew and English.

    He lives in RBSA and can be contacted at home 02-991-1238 and cell


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