Avi Unterman-if you need an honest real estate lawyer

We bought our apartment in November of 2006, but our Israeli lawyer
never got around to acquiring the nesech tabo (title) or even
registering our property, and we were actually fined by the bank for
not having it. We contacted an English-speaking real estate lawyer,
Avi Unterman, who did some research and then contacted the Israeli
lawyer, who acted like we had lit a fire under him and finished the
tabo in two days. We asked Avi to bill us for his time, but he said
that he would rather we have a good feeling about living in Israel
and knowing there are people willing to help us. We were just blown
away by his generosity.

So if you need an honest real estate lawyer, here is his information:

Avi Unterman, Adv.
1/6 Mendele St. 1/6
Jerusalem 92147
Tel/Fax: (972)-2-5666506
Mobile: (972)-54-5993577

August 2008


  1. I totally agree. Avi is honest and clear with everything he does. Can highly recommend him with all real estate work you might need in Israel. He will also advise where to go if unfortunately you need legal advise beyond his expertise. Working with Avi is so refreshing in Israel.

  2. It's true, he's an amazing lawyer. I'm very grateful I worked with him. He made the transition into becoming a home owner much smoother than it would have been otherwise & he went above & beyond what could be expected.

    Batya C. Kraus

    ps. I found his name through this blog.

  3. Yes, a real estate lawyer is very essential in this situation to guide you well about managing property issues and agreements. Estate Planning Illinois


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