Dror-repairs (and revives) appliances

I am relieved to say that rumours of the demise of our 11 year old
Hoover were premature, thanks to
Dror, who specialises in European washing
machines, but has also repaired our Amcor freezer. He is prompt, efficient,
polite and not expensive. 0522407657

C. F
September 2008


  1. I would like to second the recommendation for Dror, he has been keeping my
    21 year old AEG alive and well for many years, he is a real mentch

  2. For many years, Dror has been servicing our electrical appliances: washer,
    dryer, oven, refridgerator, etc. (Note: he deals with all sorts of Israeli
    and European appliances, but not the big imported US appliances.

    I never cease to be amazed by his honesty, integrity and reasonable prices.
    Several times over the last few months, he has explained to me over the
    phone how to fix a problem without paying to call him out. He always gives
    balanced advice whether something is worthwhile fixing, even if it means
    he'll make less money. And he charges very reasonably for his time, without
    any mark-up on replacement parts.

    Dror can be reached on 052-240-7657.

  3. This is an unsolicited recommendation for Dror who fixes appliances. He has twice in the past repaired appliances that we were told by someone else needed to be replaced (a fridge and washing machine) and this week he helped us save an old but good dishwasher. He found the part we needed even though it ws hard to find the part for an old machine. Then when he came he saw it wasn't exactly the right part for our machine and he worked for about an hour making our existing part and the new part into one. Now the dishwasher works perfectly.
    His prices are reasonable too.
    His number is 0522407657


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