English Chug recommendation

If you're considering supplementing your kids' English, we strongly
recommend Miriam and David Wapner. We have used both of them, for private
lessons and in groups, and consider them both excellent. Classes are
interesting and fun, and really get the kids thinking. Based in Nofei Aviv,
they serve also RBS.

September 2008

Details below:
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English Chugim / Private Lessons

by: Miriam and David Wapner - Masters in TESOL.

Over 20 years of experience teaching English both in the US and Israel

Small groups with lots of individual attention
Private lessons available

Kindergarten: letter recognition, word building and basic phonics taught
through games and stories using a multi-sensory approach.
Curriculum: short and long vowels, sight words, simple sentences.

Beginner / First Grade: accelerated letter recognition and word building
through games and stories using a multi-sensory approach.
First Grade American level curriculum: short and long vowels, first grade
phonics, simple stories.

Intermediate Level: Second grade American phonics, reading and reading
comprehension, introductory writing skills, spelling.

Intermediate to Advanced Levels: On-grade-level reading and reading
comprehension, creative writing, spelling, reading and writing poetry,
cursive writing.

Advanced (split into several levels according to age and abilities of the
students): Reading and reading comprehension through literature / history /
current events and plays, reading and writing poetry, spelling, lots of
creative writing.

Give your children the extra push they need to master the English language!

Chugim are being formed now. Separate groups available for boys and girls on

Call for more information

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