Jerusalem Confectionary Supplies

You can find Wilton (and Confectionery) supplies at the following:

La Chef (specializes in kitchen and baking supplies)
Rechov haSadna 1
Talpiot Ind. Zone
tel. 674-9194

Turn into driveway by BIBI Steakhouse; continue to end of row.
Convenient parking just outside the door.

Mana Ahronah (specializes in baking supplies)
10 Beit Yaakov St.
tel: 624-7503

Just off Agrippas - near Mahane Yehuda shuk- at the corner by Sima's

This is the not the most convenient address from a parking
perspective, unless you happen to be at the shuk anyway.

PA'AMIT STORE (specializes in party supplies and paper goods)
27 Rechov haUman
Talpiot Ezor Ta'asiyah, Jerusalem
tel. 678-6006

They are located at the very end of haUman, on the left side, right
before the exit to the hi-way leading to Pat or Malcha. The easiest
access would be to arrive directly from the hi-way, then you'll
easily find PA'AMIT STORE on your right as you come off the exit.
Convenient parking directly across the street.

Shigaon Shel Shulchan (specializes in party supplies and paper goods)
Givat Shaul,
Rechov Bet haDafus, right by the Mitsubishi dealership.
Tel: 651-9618.

The store is not visible from the street. As you enter the driveway
for Mitsubishi, turn left immediately into the side alley which
parallels the street. Shigaon Shel Shulchan is one of the warehouses
in that row, on the right side. Free parking outside the door.


I recommend calling in advance to check if they have what you want in stock.

Good luck!

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