Kfar Sava Auto Mechanic

We are sad about temporarily ending our relationship with a wonderful
mechanic who specializes in Japanese cars. We did our bi annually
"tipool" with him and I think he was a factor in keeping our now
twenty year Subaru in wonderful shape. He is a great mechanic, is
fair priced and nice. Looking at his card he also services Hyundi
and Fiat.

His garage is located on Yonatan Sandler 2 in the industrial area of
Kfar Sava. His phone no. is 09 765 1225. One drawback is he really
doesn't know much English. However when it comes to doing the
maintenance of a car there is just a core of Hebrew words needed.

He says he can maintain any brand car.

We bought a new car and need to have the tune ups done at a place
Subaru recommends if we want the guarantee honored. When the
guarantee is up in three years we will be back to Rony.

raanana yahoogroup
November 2008

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